Anton, der Himmel und das Meer -

oder wie Anton Opa Willi wieder traf






Anton was a dog, that is to say a small Labrador cross. Her black coat became greyer and greyer through the years until her muzzle was almost white as snow. Anton was actually a girl dog, but the old man who owned her first did not know that and gave her this name, which she kept all her life. It was a beautiful name after all. 

She was a calm dog, usually unflappable. Only when the postman, or other visitors, entered the garden did she alarm her family with barks so loud even the neighbours at the end of the road could hear her. Anton lived together with Mum, Dad, and the twins Frida and Ella in a house with a garden out in the countryside. She often spent the school holidays with Granny Doris who lived just a short walk away. 

Anton loved the sun. She took pleasure in dozing in the sunshine soaking up the warmth with her black coat. Most of all, though, Anton loved to be surrounded by her family. Whether at home, on walks over the fields or on holiday at the seaside – she was happiest when everybody was with her. 

About Anne

"This story, and through it, the emotional processing of what had happened, helped my family to integrate a challenging and difficult matter into our everyday life." Read more about Anne and her motives for writing this book. 

The Book

The children's book ‘Anton, Heaven and the Ocean’ describes the loss of a beloved pet. Child friendly language and positive imagery help children to explore the topic of death.